My passion is for teaching and coaching.  I enjoy seeing a relationship being built between you and your dog. I offer many different classes and lessons and can cater to your specific needs. It is in my firm belief that you the owner should be putting in the time with your dog and learning how to communicate and ask for what you want from your dog. I will only work with a dog and handler team not just the dog as I am not the one living with the animal on a day to day basis.  If you have chosen to obtain an animal I also believe that you have chosen to educate yourself as well as the animal and become a team. That being said please see below of some current class offerings and please contact me with any special requests or questions. 

Rebels Manner Classes

Rebel manners 101


In this class you and your rebel begin to learn how to effectively communicate with each other and develop an understanding of what is acceptable behavior between the two of you. 

Course material includes the following:

Eye contact 




Loose Leash Walking 

Leave It 

Foundation of the recall

Cost $80.00 

Rebel manners 102


In this four week class we expand on your previous knowledge and start to ask for harder and more challenging behaviors from your dog. This is in preparation for CGC testing,

Course material includes the following:

Stay ( in all positions) 

Go to your Bed



Recall Front 

Recall Finish ( left and right side) 

Cost $80.00 

Crate training


In this class your pooch learns how to love that crate and happily run right in on cue and remain in the crate even while the door is wide open! Who doesn't need that?  This is a two part class and per section the 

Cost is $40.00

Trick class


In this four week class your little rebel becomes a Hollywood star! 

Learn how to grow your relationship  with fun tricks:





​Back up 


Sport Dog Foundations


Have a puppy that your interested in beginning in dog sports? Well this is the class for you! Lots of proofing on Focus and teamwork and building drive!

4 week packages for $80.00

Rebel agility


My passion is dogs but my joy is competing in agility. Let me share that joy with you and your rebel! Agility is a obstacle like course that you and your dog navigate through together. You will be provided with a completed catered handling style to you and your dog in order to be successful with whatever your agility goals maybe!

4 week packages for $100.00

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Running Contact Training

Currently in the works creating curriculum for Rebel dogs running contact training. I believe that every dog can have a running contact! Please Contact me if your interested in this class 

Dog Agility Lessons at Brand new Facility

We are happy to announce that we have been working all winter long on developing a state of the art agility field in conjunction with Country Kennels in Murrieta, Ca. We have brand new rubberized contact equipment. State of the art winged vinyl jumps.  Safety and performance were our number one concern when developing this site! Best of all our field is fully fenced with plenty of crating area and is on soft lush grass!  ( Almost unheard of here in  drought stricken So Cal). hit the contact Us form below and get signed up for Agility the Rebel dog way! 

Running contacts

A preview of our running contact training!