tach Jordan's Jumpn Jax

Some videos of Jaxie my lil champ doing what she does best!


At a seminar with Jaxie 

Tach jordan's Jumpn Jax

Call name Jaxie

Jaxie is one of those wild roller coaster rides where you don't know where the next turn is coming. Jaxie is my first agility dog. She introduced me to agility and we have learned to Dance together ever since. 

I am forever grateful to her as I would not be half the handler, coach, or trainer I am today without her kind but pushy way of teaching me! 


Training with Jaxie was and remains a humbling experience. She was not the easiest dog to get focused and running but through it all it made us a both better. 

That being said she has a laundry list of accomplishments and titles. She is currently working on PACH title with AKC, she is the first dog in Sounthern California to achieve her tACH and the first Russell Terrier to achieve it in California. She has competed and placed at CPE nationals. Is now on her last legs for CPE CATCH. We also compete in ASCA and she is very very close to her ATCH! 

Favorite things

  • BALL
  • Frisbee
  • cookies, especially fish 
  • cuddling 
  • hiding in her blankets 
  • running agility 

Racing Hearts Skip a Beat

Skip is my rescue that has a lot of confidence issues that we have been working thru, this was an all day seminar he attended and did quite well.


Learning body cues and not emphasizing arm movements.

Racing Hearts Skip a Beat

Call Name: Skip

Skip is my rescue dog. I adopted him about four years ago now. It was quite the learning curve teaching him and still is working with him. He is not the most confident dog and has a lot of pressure issues. It has be journey to find out what makes him tick but he is incredibly special and loving boy.


Skip has many titles in ASCA but is not currently competing any other venues at this time due to some confidence issues we are working thru. However Skip's true talents lie in his skills at working as a service dog to me when needed.  He helped me get thru some tough surgeries and is the biggest love bug, everyone that knows him call him "Prince Charming." 

Favorite things

  • Ball 
  • tug
  • dogwalk 
  • cookies 
  • green vegetables especially green beans

Marlie Jax Jordan

Call Name: marlie

Marlie is retired from agility now but occasionally comes out to play at the field. She has arthritis in her knees we keep everything low and fun. Marlie's true sport is water. She loves playing any body of water from a puddle to pool. 


Marlie has several accomplishments in CPE and ASCA. 

But her greatest accomplishment is being best friend and constant companion to my Mom.

Favorte things

  • Water 
  • swimming 
  • ball
  • frisbee 
  • cookies!!!!!
  • trick training